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Super Salad Trio

SaladsRu Kidding
Super Salad Trio

A long, long time ago in a supermarket far, far, away, I would walk past the aisle displaying the bagged salad proudly holding my head of romaine lettuce thinking about all the money I was saving by cleaning and chopping my own romaine. Uh… yeah, now I am over it!

Single serve salads are great, the bomb, dope, lit or whatever word you use to indicate something is wonderful. My favorites are Ready Pac’s Bistro Kale Cranberry Apple salad and their Spinach Dijon salad and Taylor Farm’s Spinach Harvest salad. These single serve salads are substantial as meals especially when you add your favorite protein source. I like to add chicken to mine. They each come with a dressing that compliments the combination of flavors in the salad.

Ready Pac’s Chopped Kale Cranberry Apple salad contains: chopped kale, red cabbage, julienne broccoli, julienne carrots, apples, celery, dried cranberries, sunflower seeds and a lite lemon poppy seed dressing.

Ready Pac’s Spinach Dijon salad contains: baby spinach, chopped hard boiled egg, dried cranberries, jack-colby cheese and crispy noodles with a sweet onion dijon vinaigrette.

Taylor Farm’s Spinach Harvest salad contains: baby spinach, feta cheese, glazed pecans, sun dried pears and cranberries with balsamic vinaigrette dressing

I find the salads at my local grocery store for under $3.00 each and they each come with a fork so if you need an on the go quick lunch, no need to look for a bowl or a fork. You can also split the salad and use a portion as a side to your meal. Yum!

Your Grocery List:

Ready Pac Bistro Chopped Kale Apple Veggie Salad

Ready Pac Bistro Spinach Dijon Salad

Taylor Farms Spinach Harvest Salald