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Product Updates


UPDATE: 5/19/2017  Cuisine Adventures French Onion Soup

A viewer contacted me disappointed because she was unable to find the soup at her local Costco.  It may just be a seasonal item at Costco, but I saw it today at Trader Joe's under the Cuisine Adventures brand name in a pack of two for $4.99 located in the frozen meals section.

UPDATE: 8/09/2017:  Brownie Trio by Newberry Specialty Bakers

A viewer wrote to me that the Brownie Trio has been discontinued.  I have not been able to contact anyone from Newberry Specialty Bakers to confirm.  Google lists the plant in Houston as permanently closed, however there is a Facebook post from April 2017 indicating a new logo "Newberry Bakers." Their telephone number is still working and is answered by an auto attendant. The mailboxes of the principal officers are all full.  I am not sure if the company is under reorganization or is kaput.  Either way, the delicious brownies are not available at this time. 

UPDATE: 11/06/17  Morton's of Omaha Beef Pot Roast

Morton's of Omaha Beef Pot Roast is only available through Costco, but it is no longer available in Texas and other areas of the country.  If you are unable to find it in your area and are disappointed, you can leave feedback with Costco at the customer service center or via their website  The "feedback" button appears vertically on the right-hand side of the home page.  

UPDATE: 11/13/2017  Meatball Calzone by Stefano Foods

Stefano foods has changed the packaging and the conventional oven heating instructions.  Instructions have changed to an oven temperature of 375 and heating time of 15-18 minutes.  Don't burn your calzone!

UPDATE: 11/13/2017  Ventera Ranch Chicken Parmesan

Ventera Ranch has changed the product packaging for their Chicken Parmesan to include "Organics." The heating instructions are the same, but the nutrition information has changed.  See pictures of the new product packaging and nutrition information in the photo gallery below.